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Well, I survived Bubconicon, including the traditional Bucco de Beppo Saturday Night dinner in the Pope Room.  It wasn't quite as rowdy as the year Gardner Dozois attended, but still, a good time was had by all.  I must say that I liked John Paul II's statue peering out at us from the little plastic box in the middle of the table much better than Ratzenberger's -- apologizes to the Pope if I spelled that wrong  -- who has a bit of a nosferatu look about him.) I stayed up to five a.m. only once and only bought a couple of magazines and two books in the dealer's room, so our wallet survived as well.  (Though one of the magazines was the extremely rare Weird Tales winter 1985 issue.  Most collectors don't even realize there was a winter 1985 issue.  Thanks to Gordon Garb for allowing me to cross off the number one magazine on my want list.)  As prophesied,  I read my INSIDE STRAIGHT wild card story to an audience of three, only one member of which was related to me.  But I knew the other two.

Back on the wild cards bulletin board ( I started a thread a while ago about the Green Ronin Wild Card RPG, and as part of the thread had been posting some wild card trivia questions (stuff even I didn't know before I started going through the books again), offering, in the Marvel tradition, some old-fashioned no-prizes for first one to come up the answers to these really obscure questions (eg, What was the name of Tachyon's chaffeur?)  Well, at the con this weekend I may have found an actual prize suitable for the contest winner, but I don't want to say anything specific until we have it totally nailed down.  Needless to say, most of you guys don't need another copy of the books, you have the comics, most of you even have the GURPS modules, so this is something rather unique.  I should be able to make a definitive announcement in a couple of days.

I have been also wrestling with the problem of timing in sending out these questions, since some of you live in time zones where you're sleeping when I usually post these questions, and I have decided that the fair thing is actually to accept ALL correct answers posted within 72 hours of the question being posted, with the first correct answer getting bonus points.  Since I am changing the rules mid-stream, I'm afraid that we're going to have to start all over again, with Osterhase's two correct answers being now in the way of a warm-up for the contest.  I'm looking, now, at a contest that is ten questions long.  All of the trivia will come from the books, not any of the ancillary publications.  Good luck to everyone.

I'll post the first official question question here.  If you're interested in the contest, please check the appropriate topic (Green Ronin wild card RPG) in the message board mentioned above.

What pet name has Gus Wenninger given his favorite food?

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