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johnjosmiller's Journal

28 March 1954
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Here I am, trembling uon the edge of the precipice that is the 21th century. This is my introduction to the world of blogs. Or journals. Or writing down stuff about yourself for others to read who probably aren't really all that interested in reading this stuff anyway. Or maybe they are. I guess we'll see.

One of the prime reasons for this journal is to get in touch with my loyal region of readers out there, to provide a place where we can meet and discuss things that may be of interest to us, and to make it clear that I am NOT the John J. Miller who writes for right wing rags and initiates such fascinating projects as the greatest conservative rock songs of all time (the winner: The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again") and the hundred greatest conservative sf novels of all time (boy, I can't hardly wait for the winner of this one to be announced).

Don't blame me for this journal. Blame George R.R. Martin. He's been pushing me to do this for a long time. Usually, he's right. We'll see about this.

But now I have a great new excuse if my Wild Card story was late. "Sorry, George, I was too busy blogging."